Global Trading

Sahad Express is involved in a Global Trading of Scrap Metals. We buy in Bulk almost all non ferrous metal scrap from around the world. Especially speaking about Aluminium Scrap of all qualities, our requirement is more than 10,000 Tons per month. Our supplies includes almost all the major Aluminium products manufactures of India. Our major imports are from Malaysia, Thailand, China, Germany and Hungary.
We are pioneers in the transport business and we got our own network of distributing goods all over India. Our own infrastructures developed in the transportation business helps us to reach any corners of the country easily and economically, thereby facilitating us to offer the best prices to our customers.
We ensure all our customers the best products as they wish to have. Our product experts travel globally, visually grade the products and make use of all the modern technologies in ascertaining the quality of each products before its being shipped to India. We assure the best quality goods to all our customers.
We hereby become the part of the green revolution by helping the metal industries to recycle more and more instead of exploiting the nature. Recycling conserves precious natural resources, over 400 millions Tons of metals are recycled every year Globally. Though our business is trivial compared to the global trading we too play a major part in the conservation of the Earth.